This book is a fictional account of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in the early hours of March 8th, 2014.  The characters represented in this tale are not based on real persons. However, the plot is built on publicly known events. I hope that the real passengers on the real MH370 will be found someday soon safe and sound.

The lack of a satisfactory explanation for the MH370’s fate is a factor driving the popularity of numerous conspiracy theories. The conflicting information initially disseminated to the public fuelled the possibility of a conspiracy and some outrageous explanations.

“It’s a hijacking!” states the media, but where are the demands?

What follows is unadulterated fiction built around the scarce but publicly known facts and filled with vivid imagination: another conspiracy theory.

Manny Liu lives with his wife Li-Na and young daughter Li-Li above a Milk Bar in Melbourne Australia. Sadly, Li-Na’s mother, Bao-Yu, dies following a long battle with heart disease. Ming, her father, demands that Li-Na return for the funeral in Beijing. The date is March 6th, 2014. At such short notice, Li-Na and Li-Li must make the trip to Beijing via Kuala Lumpur.

In Angola, Babs Angula, a retired warlord from the Angolan civil war, hatches a nefarious plan with Otto von Eschen, a diamond merchant, to steal a Boeing 777. Babs has amassed considerable wealth in blood diamonds and his greed shows no bounds. Otto will stop at nothing to achieve Babs plan using blackmail, bribes and even murder!

Li-Na and Li-Li board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 for the final leg of their journey, an overnight flight to Beijing arriving in the early morning of March 8th. Little does Li-Na know that this flight is targeted for hijacking by Otto’s team.

It’s late and all are tired. They take off into the darkness. Li-Li looks out the window and says to Li-Na. “I can see the lights again and wow they’re are getting small. It’s pretty mum!” She cuddles her rag doll she calls Mr Snuggles. “Yes angel, they are pretty,” replies Li-Na on autopilot her mind picturing her father grieving over his mother’s passing. “We’ll be seeing Granddad soon. Just one more sleep.”

Flavio nodded. Brian took his cue. Dave’s young neck was no match for the mercenary twist. Dave’s lifeless body slumped forward pulling on his harness. Flavio put on his mask and inhaled deeply.

MH370 was theirs.

Ming waits with others for Li-Na’s arrival but MH370 never arrives. Li-Na and Li-Li are the only family he has.

Where is MH370?      Why does Babs want a jet liner?      What will happen to the plane?      Will Li-Na get to the funeral on time?

Certainly, the means, motives and the opportunity are present for the ride of your life!

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