A gripping tale of greed, murder and mayhem. Once past the first few chapters, one cannot put down the book till the bitter end. The author’s Australian heritage and on the ground knowledge of Africa are put to good use. The logical and detailed account of the crime surrounding the “stolen” airliner builds to a believable crescendo. Will appeal to those looking for a credible story surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Sit back and prepare for take off!
Wanda Haschek-Hock BVSc, PhD, DACVP, DABT, FIATP, University of Illinois, Amazon – 5.0 out of 5 stars
Awesome read – so many conspiracy theories with MH370 but Stolen is totally out of the box and believable. Kept shaking my head but I had to agree it made sense. The detail, misdirection, technology, and hyperlinks to fuel the plot and imagination. Did not see it coming and how greed drives people to extremes. Stolen has reignited my appetite for a new genre of adventure/thriller novels – only makes me hunger for more!
Stephen Goudey, PhD, PBiol, Amazon – 5.0 out of 5 stars
AMAZING READ! This book really stands alone.

Everything about this book is unique from the writing style to the efficient use of the web. It made me smile inside, as no sooner I thought that I had found a hole in the plot it was answered in the next paragraph. I did not understand the significance of the diamonds and Angolan civil war until I was well into the book. A very interesting approach to a mystery yet to be solved. Has the author come up with the answer as to what really happened to MH370?

Andre LaPointe, Amazon – 5.0 out of 5 stars

I had always been fascinated by the mysterious disappearance of MH370 and Mr Rousseaux’s fictionalized account provided a gripping read. It’s a highly plausible account of what may have actually happened to the doomed flight: a state-of-the-art 777, passengers, cargo & crew. Meticulously researched – the e-book is chock full of links to all the factual data in the story – and though aware of the inevitable sad conclusion, the drama of Rousseaux’s story unfolded detail by fascinating detail. The international characters are all vividly three dimensional and leap off the page. I couldn’t put it down. I even turned off my email alerts so as not to be distracted!

A “must read” indeed!

jerrygol, Amazon – 5.0 out of 5 stars
I read ‘Stolen’ and was impressed. I have to admit to being a little skeptical when the author first described the theory, but it turns out to be not only plausible but also believable as written. Technically, Dr. Rousseaux did his homework very well. I could quibble with the use of the term ILS beacon in one instance, instead of just ILS but that is small stuff. Generally speaking, great job on air navigation and aircraft systems.
Dan Weber, NAVCAN (retired)
Je viens tout juste de terminer votre roman, ‘Stolen’. Incroyable! très excitant ,en même temps intriguant et bouleversant!  Pourquoi n’y a-t-il pas eu de discussion sur la possibilité d’un scénario semblable a ce que vous suggérez dans votre roman. Je dois vous admettre que la veridite de votre histoire me laisse epoustoufflee surtout avec l’appui des liens visuels et auditifs que vous avez si finement entrelaces au texte. Espérant que votre livre suscitera un nouvel intérêt de la part des autorités et qu’ils prendront les mesures nécessaires a poursuivre ce nouveau lien dans l’histoire. SURTOUT! Qu’une certaine lumière puisse éclairer l’incertitude qui doit régner dans toutes les familles affectées par ce désastre. Merci infiniment de votre contribution et au plaisir de faire la lecture de votre prochain roman!


Monique LaRocque
This book left me wanting more. The epilogue did not spoil the fun, but I would still like to meet Sue and see Otto with my own eyes. This book makes me want to visit the African and Australian continents. SUPER BRAVO, PROFESSOR!!  KEEP ON WRITING!!
Mario Nicoli
The airline that was never found, MH370 is still …

The airline that was never found, MH370 is still one of the most mysterious phenomena that world has experienced. In Stolen- Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: the Perfect Crime, Colin Rousseaux has given the world another mystery, as he sets the tone of the book in similar vein. Against the backdrop of passengers’ history, as to the reason for taking this ill-fated flight, this whole episode is being documented for the first time from a human point of view rather than from the aviation perspective. A human face with very human unspoken stories is sighted finally. Passengers on board bound to China for mother’s funeral is only one such example. In the end. it all boils down to conjecture as to what might have happened before its disappearance, however Colin’s handing of the in-fight activities is dealt with absolutely prudence. The dialogue between the pilot and the ground crew is particularly very convincing as he puts a realistic spin to it. Each of the discrete information is itemized under various chapters which in the end becomes the plot of the book, It is quite an innovative and original effort.

Importantly, also is the writer’s description of how journalists display a very human emotion of a bittersweet desire for an imminent award for the most sought after scoop . Ultimately, the many speculations leave an inconclusive end result, however it is interesting to note as to how these speculations lead to mind boggling plausibility of a trade off of the most heinous kind subjecting the lives of the many passengers, the possibility of the parts of boing 777 being sold.

I take this opportunity to convey my sincerest respect to the missing passengers of MH370. Insofar as greed is concerned, any trade off is possible in human society.

Mehreen Ahmed, Amazon - 5.0 out of 5 stars