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A Perfect Crime

Means, motive and opportunity for the theft of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

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Air Malaysia MH370 Disappearance

Boeing 777 track record…

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Background on the Boeing 777

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This authors conspiracy theory could be a very plausible scenario for the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370. It is a compelling read.
Jeff Smith, Canadian Airforce (retired)
Bloody marvellous! A gripping tale of greed and cold blooded murder. I couldn’t put it down!
Wanda Haschek BVSc, PhD, DACVP, DABT, FIATP, University of Illinois
We must know what caused that airplane to disappear.
Sir Tim Clark, CEO Emirates Airlines

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The loss of MH370 leaves many questions unanswered:
  • Why was the plane taken?
  • By whom and for what purpose?
  • Where is the debris?
  • If the plane did not crash, where did it land?
  • How accurate are the Inmarsat data?
  • Why was there no emergency locator signal?
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A novel about the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Although fiction, this story gives a credible account as to why there has been no evidence of a crash.
If you can handle betrayal, bribery, blackmail and mass murder, then sit down, get comfortable and take the flight of your life!

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STOLEN... Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A Perfect Crime.

Means, motive and opportunity for the theft of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.
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